Five piece band of talented musicians out of West Michigan playing the songs that put you on the dance floor!!


1) What does the word "band" mean to you personally? 2) During rehearsal, pick the person who is typically playing to your left and describe them in one sentence. 3) What city were you born in? 4) How long have you been playing and what instrument did you start out playing? 5) What is a hobby, interest, or a quirk about you that many don't know?



1. A group of people who come together with one like minded mission to have fun and rock people's socks off. 2. Jonny- A fun, quirky, snazzy dresser, wonderfully talented pianist and vocalist who plays keys in my band. 3. Grand Rapids. 4. Drums since I was eleven. (Snare drum in band) drum set at home. 5. I loved roller skating and BMX as a kid. Now I like guns and Taylor Swift.

Jordan Martin ~ Lead Guitar 


1. Band means to me a group of individual talented people getting together and making blissful harmony. :-) 2. Nic--cool, calm, and beats the hell out of his drum skins.  3. I started playing bass guitar over 26 years ago performing in bands-Houses of Illusion, Momz Attic, and numerous small faction get together jam sessions. 4. I love cool whip on my ice cream!!!


1. Being in a band is extending my immediate family--throw some serious talent in there and we've found ourselves to be an extraordinary team. 2. Dan-incredibly talented guitarist and musician; easy going, and fun to be around. 3. Muskegon, MI. 4. The earliest I can remember singing is at a Kindergarten performance. 5.  I can uncross my eyes one at a time.


1) The word "band" to me insinuates a group of people who can make great music together, no matter what type of background or personality they have. Any group of people that can make some good music and have a fun time doing it is classified as a band in my eyes. 2) The person to my left (Joni) is always ecstatic. 3) I was born in Muskegon, Michigan. 4) I started playing the piano and I have been playing for 13 years. 5) I really enjoy binging on Netflix shows for days on end, which slowly turns me into a hobbit who never wants to leave his hole. I also really like biking and hiking.